All the connectors can be used in high and low electrical equipment, it is used as grounding or bonding for various electrical system, such as electric locomotive, engine, mining explosion proof switches, storage batteries, earth connection, cable tray and electric power equipment etc.The connectors are also called braided bus bars, groundingand bonding wire,jumper wire,truck shunts,flexible connections,interconnector,etc.

Cu-flex-flexible copper busbars ensure a prompt and professional execution of electrical connections.





Cu-flex-flexible copper busbars are made of copper wires that are woven to a flexible busbar. By the use of a patented technique, the ends of the busbar are forged to a solid unit, thus obtaining a contact surface that makes it possible to produce maintaenance-free connections.





The Cu-flex-flexible copper busbars are supplied ready for use. This means that you do not have to spend time on shortening, stripping the wires, making holes, or complicated bends.







  Ordering Information


When ordering bus bars,please supply the following information:

Cross-sectional area of braid

Single wire diameter


OL-overall length

L-length between hole centres

D-hole diameter


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