Insulating Protective Covers

Insulating protective cover is good electrical insulation, waterproof sealing safety protection products. With easy installation, excellent environment adaptability, long life and other characteristics. Mainly used in electric power, electrical equipment electrical contact insulatiion protection and safety protection. Put an end to foreign body lap, animal creeping caused by short circuit accident; to prevent electric, pollution and condensation flashover occurs; reducing air pollution and harmful gases on the conductive material corrosion, prolong the service life of electrical equipment.

C Type Clamp Insulation Cover

JB(Z) Parallel Groove Clamp Insulation Cover

JBL(Z) Parallel Groove Clamp Insulation Cover

NLL(Z) Alumium Alloy Strain Clamp Insulation Cover

NXL(Z) Alumium Alloy Strain Clamp Insulation Cover

PS Parallel Plate Insulation Cover

P Parallel Plate Insulation Cover

Households Clamp Insulation Cover

It could be manufactured according to customer's specification or requirements.

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